Our History

Founded in 2010 by seasoned travel enthusiasts, AXA Villas emerged from a shared passion for delivering unparalleled experiences to the American traveler. The founders, Jane Thompson and Robert Davis, envisioned a platform that would redefine luxury travel and bring a new dimension to exploration.

In the early days, AXA Villas focused on curating exclusive villas in renowned American destinations, offering travelers a taste of opulence combined with the charm of local cultures. The response was overwhelming, establishing AXA Villas as a go-to for those seeking not just a getaway but an immersive journey.

As the company grew, so did our aspirations. We expanded our reach to include exotic international destinations, with a particular emphasis on crafting unique tour packages to New Zealand from India. This move was fueled by a desire to provide our clients with a global tapestry of experiences, blending cultural richness, breathtaking landscapes, and the comfort of our signature villas.

Over the years, AXA Villas has forged partnerships with esteemed property owners, creating a diverse portfolio of handpicked villas that reflect the essence of each destination. Our commitment to quality and authenticity has been the cornerstone of our success, earning us the trust of the American traveler community.

In 2015, AXA Villas underwent a significant rebranding, reflecting our evolution into a comprehensive luxury travel provider. The new identity captured the spirit of exploration, sophistication, and the promise of extraordinary journeys that define AXA Villas today.

The ensuing years saw us not only surviving but thriving through challenges, adapting to emerging travel trends, and staying ahead of the curve. Our dedication to creating bespoke itineraries tailored to individual preferences has set us apart in the competitive travel industry.

As we stand today, AXA Villas continues to evolve, driven by the same passion that fueled our inception. Our commitment to delivering unforgettable moments, personalized service, and a seamless travel experience remains unwavering. Join us as we continue to craft stories, unlock new horizons, and redefine luxury travel for the American adventurer.